Restaurant Pastis

A small piece of Paris in the middle of Helsinki

Restaurant Pastis was established in 2013 by the owners of Restaurant Muru - a very successful bistro in Helsinki. We at Pastis have a simple mission: to offer classic, delicious, handmade French delicacies to our customers. We use only high-quality ingredients coming from the best Finnish and international producers. In terms of the atmosphere at Pastis, we want to make our customers feel like they are dining in Paris. The classic, relaxed feeling of a French bistro is our trademark.

Executive Chef and owner Timo ”Sir Lintsi” Linnamäki is in charge of the kitchen. ”Sir Lintsi” is very well known from his patés, terrines and desserts. Every course deserves a perfect glass of wine. Head sommelier and owner Samuil Angelov has made a great wine list, which offers wide range of wines from different prices and areas.

Welcome to Pastis!


Escargots gratinated with Roquefort-cheese in
Pastis butter
13,5 €
Beef tartar with bone marrow mayonnaise14,5€ / 21,5 €
Croque Monsieur/Madame, salad15,5 € / 16,5 €
Bouillabaisse with rouille15,5 € / 23,5 €
Our Charcuterie16,5 €
Smoked trout with anchovy créme and tarragon14,5 €
Sweetbread and truffle ravioli with oxtail consommé14,5 €
Black salsify mousse with thyme, pickled vegetables and macadamia nuts12,5 €
Catch of the day28,5 €
Panfried lamb heart with apple-celleriac puré
and bay leaf sauce
27 €
Aubergine Farci with fava beans, pommegranate and
herb salad
23,5 €
Grilled pulpo with mussel and white wine sauce28,5 €
Marbled filé of beef with Béarnaise29,5 €
Whole roasted duck for 2 persons
with Rouennaise sauce
58 €
Foie Gras+6 €
Hand-cut French Fries with truffel5,5 €
Mixed salad and dressing à la Pastis4,5 €
Roasted Brussel sprouts with pine nuts4,5 €
Mayonnaise á la Pastis1,5 €
French cheeses with flat bread and chutneyà 5 €, selection 12 €
Chocolate Beignet with roasted apple ice cream10,5 €
Tonka bean panna cotta with boysenberry10,5 €
Almond nougat with nuts and blood orange sorbet10,5 €
Petit fours7,9 €

Our wines

Our wines always have a story; we may have visited the winery, the wine is our personal favorite, the winemaker is an interesting personality or the wine just simply works out well with the menu. Naturally, we are focused on France, but we strive to offer wines from other countries too.

Viinilista (PDF)

We are open

Mon 4.30pm-11.30pm
Tue – Fri 11.30am-11.30pm
Sat brunch 11.30am – 3.30pm & dinner 4.30pm-11.30pm

Reservation sales available during weekdays 9am – 3.30pm

+358 300 472 336.

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